22 July, 2017

Day in the Life - Summer 2017

It's time for another day in the life post, this time hosted by Liz at ellie and addie. If you don't like long posts, you can scroll through the pictures or just skip this one.

Friday, 21 April

6:55 Miles wakes up, and I convince him to climb in bed with me. I'm exhausted and feel like I'm getting a cold, so I skip the workout I was planning on doing. I don't feel guilty at all.

7:07 We get up and head downstairs. I make coffee, and we snuggle while Miles watches a show.

7:35 I hear Clara singing in bed and go upstairs to get her. Parts of our conversation:
"Daddy sleep well?"
"Why Daddy work?"
"Lily sleep well?"
We join Miles in the living room.

7:47 Lily comes down, and we have family snuggles.

8:09 I throw a bowl of nilla wafers in front of the kids (mom win) and shower. I don't hurry.
The weather is supposed to be cool and rainy. Darn, I wanted to take the kids to the park.

8:35 I have my make up on, and I'm dressed and back downstairs. Clara needs a new nappy. Once I've changed her, she says, "Please trousers," so I get her dressed. She wants to zip jacket herself, so that takes about 8 minutes.

8:50 Clara and I go back downstairs, and I get a proper breakfast ready. Waffles for the kids, cereal for me. Lily isn't hungry.

9:20 I take the kids upstairs to get dressed. Lily wants to wear matching leggings with me.

She is bold with pattern mixing
A few months ago, Miles came up with the idea of 100 day socks. He wanted to wear the same socks to sleep for 100 nights. Maybe a little stinky, but we made a countdown calendar and made sure he didn't skip any days. And upon waking today, he completed his 100 days! I ask him how he wants to celebrate, and he says he wants to have a Star Monster party and play pass the parcel. (Spoiler, the celebration doesn't happen today.)

They've been mended more than once

9:40 We all go back downstairs, and I start to make a grocery list. The kids color and play, and I break up several fights.

Throwing a fit because I won't make this into a slide for her

10:00 Someone asks to play Snapchat, so we do that for a few minutes. I only have an account because the kids love these funny faces.

10:15 I go back to my grocery list, which mostly involves browsing Pinterest.

11:00 Matt gets home from work. I decide to finish my list later.

Clara is coloring Lily's hair

11:15 I'm not feeling great, so I take some ibuprofen while Matt makes me an egg. The kids watch TV.
I eat my egg and toast, sit around and look at my phone a bit.

Noon: We decide to leave house.

12:30 We're finally all ready and head out the door. It's still gray out, but barely drizzling, so we bring our umbrellas and hope for the best. And it hardly rains the whole time we're out.

We go to a charity shop and the bank, and then just walk. We end up having a coffee at a grocery store, and grab a few things while we're there. We are so exciting.

Every time we leave the house, Clara says, "I walk bit."

The love walking on walls

3:30 We come home, and I'm beat. I relax on the couch. The next day I feel much better, so I think my body just needed rest. The kids watch TV again.

Someone skipped their nap today

4:15 Matt goes to the kitchen to make dinner (a big salad, and random freezer bits for the kids). And since I was talking earlier about the couch and comfort food, he valiantly goes to get me fish and chips.

5:00 Matt is home. We all eat dinner.

5:30 I make tea and put on my jammies. Matt and I talk in the kitchen.

6:10 I really started slacking on my Duolingo progress, but I'm trying to get back into it. I do my French for the day. We also just got Rosetta Stone on Prime day, but haven't started that one yet.

6:15 I'm back on the couch. Sometimes it's nice to have a lazy day.

6:45 We put jammies on the kids, and of course they ask for one last snack. Then it's upstairs to brush teeth & do the bedtime routine.

7:45 All three kids are in bed. Matt and I play on our phones in our room.

8:20 We go downstairs to watch a couple of episodes of the Blacklist. It's on a new streaming service we got so we can watch Game of Thrones.

I think I took this between 9-9:30
10:30ish I go upstairs to go to bed. Matt stays downstairs to watch more TV.

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